Psychologically Informed Assessment and Intervention


Educational Assessment

Dr Mairead Ni Eidhin is Caidreamh’s senior clinical psychologist. She has a lengthy history in completing Educational Assessments for children in primary and secondary education.  These assessments are usually requested if there is a question of a child having a general learning disability or a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia.
These assessments include measuring the child’s cognitive functioning as well as attaining specific measures of their literacy and numeracy. Results are generally provided on the day of assessment with the report available within a week. If you would like further information please email Mairead at 


Psychological Assessment 

Sometimes in order for those involved with children and families to fully respond to their needs an assessment is required. This assessment can be underpinned by psychological theory and formal assessment. At Caidreamh we offer assessment of child attachment assessments, educational assessments, parenting capacity, parent-child relationship assessments, among other specialist assessment. In order to help us to think objectively about a parent and child’s presentation we utilise a number of different psychometrics (such as intellectual, personality, coping and mental health measures, child attachment interview, Parent Development Interview, MIM, CARE-Index). In addition we carry often carry out a forensic file review this allows us to contextualise a child and families experience particularly for those families involved with services over many years. 
Our assessment always involves a clinical interview with parents and children (where appropriate), as well as meeting all professionals involved and family members recognised as important by the family.


Child Assessment and Intervention

At Caidreamh we offer child based psychological assessments which can provide a broader picture of a child’s relational and psychological experience within the context of his/her home, foster home or residential environment. For further information please contact Dr Ni Eidhin at
Following such assessment the team can provide clinical guidance or direct work with the professional network supporting this child and family. The team may also provide such support without having done any assessment.


Pre-Adoptive Mental Health Screening

The team at Caidreamh offer pre-adoptive mental health screenings for potential adoptive parents, this involves a clinical interview, review of a dossier file and some psychometrics. A report is generally ready following this assessment within two weeks. For further information please contact Dr Ni Eidhin at 


Children of Separating Families

Caidreamh staff work with a wide variety of families who are in the process of separating and are frequently consulted on the most thoughtful ways parents can explain their separation to their children. Our family support service is occasionally used to support parents and children following this change in their family. For further information please contact Carmel Jennings at